CNC Plasma Cutter Tables

The MSP 1010/1515/1530 models have been designed to be ready to use in 30 minutes.

Our partially assembled machines come with everything you need to cut immediately.

Reliable and robust mechanics. Easy to use software.

The mechanics of these tables are designed to withstand industrial work environments and long hours of work. Manufacturers of any industry can rely on this machine to constantly cut their work day and night.

They were designed to be easy to use and intuitive. The MSP 1010/1515 and 1530 models are delivered partially assembled. You only need electricity, an air compressor and proper grounding before making your first cut.

We also offer a free online course that allows you to learn how to operate your machine.

CNC MetalStore machines are equipped with an optimal motion control to provide the best rates of acceleration and deceleration that increases the linear speed of movement up to 25000 mm / min. All these functions accelerate savings costs. The faster the cutting speeds the work cycles will be reduced and the parts that your business is able to sell will increase.

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All our machines have ball recirculation guides to achieve a smooth and continuous linear movement, steel structure cut with laser technology and folded in CNC machines is undoubtedly an important factor in the manufacture of high performance machines, along with parts of transmission and supports also manufactured in CNC machining centers.

Click on the image to download the catalog of the different models 1010 1515 and 1530. Where you can see the complete specifications of each table, warranty information and all its features and benefits when obtaining a MetalStore machine.

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